Introducing RF-900M-Ad Adjustable avaialble from October 10, 2023
Introducing Harmonix RF-999a+ Million 匠maestro available from August 25
RS-777Z revolutionary tuning spike for audio connoisseur
TU-505Z Million Platform, successor of previous TB-917
RF-808Z Million for serious music lover’s choice.
“The Base”TB-0917 tuning base is now available.
A long waited “Million” SLC is now available.
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HIJIRI HDG “Million” New Digital cable is now available.
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“T-bone” SS-0817 speaker stand is now available.
It’s designed for ENCORE and other small sized speaker.
XRCD music on web
Effective September 6, you can listen to music recorded in albums.
It present only for 30 second and part of music for best evaluation
Introducing Harmonix RF-707Z ultimate tuning spike bases.
MSA-001 "So Nice Duke" by Duke trio, it's 1st release analog record from Combak corporation, Japan. 180g, premium edition, and serious analog lovers quality.
The album was recorded by TBM Records in August, 1982 in a live at live house, Nagoya, Japan when Duke was 60 years old and was in his maturity as a musician.
It's now available.
Announcing 3 new XRCD release they are: Best Audiophile Voices Selection, Jazz music by Ferit Odman and Asian-wide popular Indonesian songs.
Please check Music shop near you.
TU-800M “Tribute” Million Maestro Analog Record Tuning Matte is now available!
Long and excitingly waited AC Power cord, 聖HIJIRI “TAKUMI” 匠 Maestro is now available
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Two great Tchaikovsky Ballet music from EMI: HIQXRCD49-Swan Lake, HIQXRCD51-Nutcracker. Two great selection reasonably expected by ballet and music lovers, Efrem Kurtz conduct Philharmonia Orchestra recorded in 1958. Estimate release date: May 1, 2016
XRCD24-NT017, “Live ad Alcatraz” by Fausto Mesolella. Recorded in a live at the Alcatraz Univercity in Aug. 2013, now in XRCD24. XRCD24-NT018, “Mozart” sing by Mariella Devia in angelic voice, now in XRCD24. Scheduled to be released on April 12, 2016.
Being long desired by Best Audiophile Voices fan, Vol-7 will be shortly marketed.Featuring 14 best hit albums by famous female artists. estimate date: January 20.
Introducing 聖HIJIRI X-DCH “NAGOMI” a new power cords
Introducing Harmonix “TuneUPmate” RS-1115 a new tuning spike
XRCD24-NT016, much-anticipated “Blues Masters vol. 2” now become available.
PR27975XRCD, A long-waiting Best Audiophile Voices Vol-6 XRCD2 has now become available.
Introducing 聖HIJIRI "Million" new signal cables.
Introducing two great classic music HIQXRCD44:MOZART. Piano concertos No.20, No.23 and HIQXRCD45:DVORAK. concerto by Janos Starker Cello Now available world wide. Enjoy the great performances in excellent sound quality that XRCD24 produce.
Introducing X-DC2F AC power cord.
Introducing two new Million Maestro feet. Hyotan (RFS-65m) and TuningMaster (RS-1502M).
XR535-713-2 , New Release- First xrcd2! Sarah Brightman "Symphony Live In Vienna" Recorded in a live in Vienna.
Introducing two great classic music XRCD24: HIQXRCD35, Mahler Symphony No.1 and HIQXRCD37, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto in the best season for classic music to entertaing. Now available world wide. Enjoy unparalleled musicality and performance in XRCD24.
PR27974XRCD,long anticipated Best Audiophile Male Voices has now become available. 13 great artists have joined in this special arranged XRCD2 and singing enthusiasically the best hits album ever!, and make it of the most worthy piece of album. The music and their performance enchant you and keep listening completely tirelessly.
XRCD24-NT015, "Blues Masters" compilation of great blues music by various artists bring you unparalleled and exquisite sound and performance in extened high resolution XRCD24 that you can only experience in a live performance. Listen and compare! Now available worldwide.
XRCD24-NT014, New Release- First CD! "The BOSS" Recorded in a live of special project "5 days in Jazz". Seiichi Nakamura and Quintet+2's greatness performance and the true joy of Jazz, now in XRCD24. Scheduled to be released on September 12, 2014.
XRCD24-NT013, "So Nice Duke" miracle Jazz performance Duke Jordan had left for his fan, now in XRCD24.
HIQXRCD22 RAVEL:BOLERO Andre Previn conducting. RAVEL:BOLERO is one of three greatest Classic music The world has sorted out is available from May 23.
RF-999M “Million” maestro Tuning Spike Base is now available! May 1, 2014
XRCD24-NT012 is, “Songs of The POLICE” sing by Kevyn Lettau for famous songs of Rock band “POLICE”, now available in XRCD24. Enjoy the highest and most likely alive sound quality ever!
HIQXRCD26 Jean SIBELIUS Symphony No.2 in D-major, one of three best classic music the world has been acclaimed, is now available.
HIQXRCD14 “BERLIOZ: Symphonie Fantastique Op. 14”, HIQXRCD25 “VIVALDI: The Four Seasons”, and XR532-498-2 “Love Scenes by Diana Krall” will be available from Sept. 20! Sept. 16, 2013
PR27967XRCD Best Audiophile Voices Vol. V is now available! Sept. 2, 2013
“Big-Band” Ultimate Tuning Tapes is now available! July 10, 2013
XRCD24-NT011 “Best Collection” by Jheena Lodwick will be available from July 15! June 26, 2013
HIQXRCD6 “Beethoven Triple Concerto” and HIQXRCD9 “Bach: Violin Concertos” will be available from March 15! Feb. 6, 2013
HIQXRCD2 “Grieg - Music From Peer Gynt” and HIQXRCD3 “Holst - The Planets” are now available! Dec. 6, 2012
XR480-674-1 Mozart: The Violin Concertos, Anne-Sophie Mutter & London Philharmionic Orchestra is now available! Dec. 6, 2012
New RF-5700 Ultimate Tuning Tips are now available! Nov. 15, 2012
Speaker ENACOM-Limited-Edition is now available! Sept. 14, 2012
HIQXRCD7 and HIQXRCD8 will be available from September 25! Sept. 7, 2012
PR27962XRCD Audiophile Percussions will be available from August 25! Aug. 21, 2012
PR27960XRCD Best Audiophile Voices IV will be available from April 16! Mar. 19, 2012
New Product: X-DC350M2R Power Cord Improved-Version! Jan. 30, 2012
New Product: CS-120 Speaker Cable Improved-Version! Jan. 24, 2012
New Product: AC Enacom Limited Edition! Jan. 17, 2012
PR27956XRCD Best Audiophile Oldies Now Available! Jan. 11, 2012