TU-505Z Million 煌 Kirameki
Limited edition   New!

TU-505Z Million 煌Kirameki is designed and successor of previous model TB-0917.
It should be directly placed under power amplifier and/or speaker systems platform.

TU-505Z suggest using such as TU-1000M, TU-210ZX-M, RF-808Z, TU-77M and TU-65M for power amplifier and RF-900M and RF-999Z for speaker systems.

Music reproduction immediately began to much more natural, dynamic, richness that you have never experienced before. Transients become crispy, instruments become better delineated, dynamic are more impact, vocals are sweeter. The overall results exquisiteness.

TU-505Z principle: Transform Resonance control devicen Size : 69.5mmΦ(Bottom) x 12mm(H)
Per Set : 4 pcs/set
Color : Glossy Black
Weight : unlimited

Note :
1)TU-505Z is suggested to be used direct without any extra board.
2)TU-505Z requires enough break-In time so as power and speaker
  systems unlash the way as is designed.