HGP-R RCA Unbalance

HGP-X XLR Balance

Unprecedented Signal cables

HGP-RCA Unbalance, HGP-X Balance cables

聖HIJIRI stand for a maestro or great leader, and in engineering field, it is unprecedented technology stand alone in the industry, is a new name for cables and cords we design. All cables and cords we design on and after will be 聖HIJIRI brand.
聖HIJIRI Million “極KIWAMI” – a long anticipated and waiting by music lovers around the world – take a place of Harmonix Golden Performance signal cable that had been acquired the highest admire by discerning audiophile in high end marketplaces.
聖HIJIRI Million “極KIWAMI” is a very thorough signal transmission cables in perfect tonal balance, rich information, dedicated musical nuances that most of signal cables in the market is hard to perform. Vocal reproduction is very natural and lifelike in emotional touch by getting the body and harmonic decay properly integrated. Reproduction of String instrument and percussion has impact, does startling articulation and delineated with beautiful timbre and portrayal.
You will be completely floored by great sound of handcrafted 聖HIJIRI Million “極KIWAMI” signal cables will deliver.

Original design and made special wire-directional
Handcrafting to ensure the sound quality
Absolute directional
Isolated, independent RF noise grounding
Hijiri original connectors
Available size: 0.75m/1.0m/1.5m/2.0m/2.5m long for both RCA and XLR.
Longer size to order

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Award statement 2016
Red Fingerprint Award of 2016
High Fidelity, Poland

Best product of Year 2016
Best Signal cable of 2016
Audio-Video, Poland

Best Product 2017 by HIFI i Muzyka Poland

5 stars & Editor’s Choice 2017
by Hi-Fi Choice, Poland

Award & Review!

•Review! by High Fidelity (Sep/2015)
(in Polish , in English)

•Review! by Sound Rebels (Oct/2015)
(in Polish , in English)

•Review! by Audio Video (Nov/2015)
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•Award! by Audio Video (Feb/2016)
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•Award! by Hi-Fi Choice (Jul/2017)
(in Polish , in English)

•Review! by HiFi PHILOSOPHY

(in Polish)

HIJIRI HCI Signal cables

Hijiri HCI-R Unballance, HCI-X Balance signal cables

Introducing unparalleled high performance to cost signal cables in class.
New Hijiri HCI has been designed for those music lovers who keenly care of quality sound but affordable budget. New Hijiri HCI is performing nobly poised both musicality and realism of art of music.
As important a coupling of technology and materials, Hijiri HCI signal cable is assembled in use of own custom designed and made of purest PCOCC copper and insulation materials, and it is all handcrafted piece by piece in seeking for the most natural sound reproduction without any fuzz and sound deterioration.
Unmeasurable efforts in engineering makes Hijiri HCI unparalleled performance to cost signal cable. In fact, there is no such signal cable in this class that can match for high resolution, richly toned with micro details,
Hijiri HCI brings out the high quality sound in perfect manner and graceful music accompaniment one can appreciate the original sound reproduction retrieval.

HIJIRI HCI Interconnect cable
Wire: directional custom-ordered pure Copper
Shell: PCOCC Copper Rhodium plated
Case Brass gold plated
Sizes: 0.75n, 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m

HIJIRI HCI RCA Signal cable

Award statement 2018
Red Fingerprint Award of 2018
High Fidelity, Poland

HIJIRI HCI XLR Balance Signal cable


Award & Review!

   by HiFi PHILOSOPHY (Dec/2018)
(in Polish , in English)

•Review! by High Fidelity (June/2018)
(in Polish , in English)

•Review! by Hi-Fi Choice (Aug/2018)
(in Polish )

•Review! by Hi-Fi Class (Aug/2018)
(in Polish , in English)

HDG “Million” Digital cable

Time finally arrives to introduce a new digital cables HDG Million from Hijiri.
Many music lovers and keen Harmonix patronages have, for a long, intense desire for Hijiri Million class digital cables. We are very pleased to have it ready for you with significantly musical, dynamic and lifelike sound quality. Suggest you own and enjoy the great sounding music you are involved.
HDG Million digital cable maintain our highest quality standard that explore inspires of tuning Maestro, and it “The Art of Art” quality your money can buy.

HDG Million Digital cables
Available for RCA Coaxial and AES/XLR types.
Available sizes : 0.75m, 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m and 2.5m for RCA and AES
Materials : Directional PCOCC pure Copper
Connector : Carbon-finish collect chuck type

HDG-R RCA Coaxial