• Best Product 2013
  • Statement Award for Best A/D Converter
    • By High Fidelity Poland
    • DAP-999EX Limited
  • Most Wanted Components 2010 Award
    • By Stereo Times U.S.A.
    • DAP-999EX
  • Best Value ‘10 - ‘11
    • By Stereo Sound Japan
    • DAP-999EX
  • Best Product 2009
  • Award Statement
    • By High Fidelity Poland
    • DAP-999EX
  • Reference 2009
    • By Stereo Magazine France
    • DAP-999EX
  • Best of 2009
    Blue Note Equipment Award
    • By Enjoy the Music U.S.A.
    • DAP-999EX
  • Superior Audio
    Equipment 2009
    • By Enjoy the Music U.S.A.
    • DAP-999EX
  • Best Product 2008
    • By High Fidelity Poland
    • DAP-999EX
  • Select Component 2008
    • By UltraAudio.com U.S.A.
    • DAP-999EX

The world's best DAC, the CAP-999EX LTD.
The sound quality of the regular CD is far beyond imagination

DAP-999EX “Limited”

Great musicians already captivate the audience just by the way they walk when they appear on stage.
There, you can feel the indescribable atmosphere that comes from the style of dignity.
The tapes on which they were recorded contain the tense atmosphere.
The beauty of the audio system is that you can enjoy listening to its tense atmosphere at home.

Recognized as the world's best DAC, our DAP-999EX-Ltd ultra-high purity transmitter subtly showcases such important events.
At the heart of the DAP-999EX-Ltd is Japan JVC's 24-bit K2 processing technology, which is patentable.
In addition, DAP-999EX Ltd is made using part, wiring we produce that utilize our traditional resonance control technology. This is why DAP-999EX Ltd was rated as the world's best standing.

What is particularly surprising is that the sampling frequency of 16bit/44.1kHz of K2 technology can be upsampled to 176.4kHz, which is a factor of 4 times, and can be extended to 88.2kHz, making it an excellent technology that dramatically improves the wide bandwidth, depth, sound stability, and sound field feeling of regular CD records.

There are DACs in the industry that produce 384kHz and 768kHz, and consumers believe that the higher the frequency, the better the sound quality, but the signal waveform that is not in the music signal waveform degrades the musicality and causes the sound quality to be distorted.

Best Digital-To-Analog Converter ever developed!

Input Quantization: 16bit
Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz, 44.1kHz, 32 kHz. Auto-switching.
Digital Inputs:
1 x AES (XLR-3P; Hot: No.3) Input Impedance:110 Ohm
1 x BNC: 75 Ohm
1 x COAXIAL (RCA) 75 Ohm
Signal Procession: K2 Technology (K2 LSI; 16-24bit)
DA Converter: 24bit 16-time oversampling/multi bit)
Analog Outputs:
XLR balance/ 5.1 Vrms/ Low Imp.
RCA unbalance/ 2.55 Vrms/ Low Imp.
Frequency Response: DC ~ 20kHz (+/-0.5dB)
S/N Ratio: Better than 114dB (IHF-A)
Dynamic Range: Better than 100dB
Channel Separation: Better than 105dB (1kHz)
Output frequency: 4-time (88.2kHz Max)
Frequency Expansion: 4-time (fs/44.1kHz to 176.4kHz)
Linearity: +/-0.5dB (+10dBm ~ 90dBm) 1kHz IHF-A
THD: Better than 0.003% (1kHz Vo=F/S)(30kHz LPF On)
Channel: 2-Channel Stereo
Phase shift Switch: (0° ~ 180°) 0°: normal, 180°: Invert
Power Requirement: 117V-50/60Hz or 230V-50/60Hz (Single Voltage Transformer, not convertible)
Power Consumption: 15W
Dimensions: 430(W) x 44(H) x 337(D) Max.
Weight: 11.2 Lbs or 5.5kgs

* Specification and design of DAP-999EX Limited may be changed without notice for the purpose of further improvement.

How K2 HD works
Impossible sound made possible!
"Reimyo" means miracle, and that's the name Harmonix has given to its growing lineup of cutting-edge sound equipment. The reimyo lineup truly lives up to its name. The lineup was designed through High-tech Fusion: that's where Harmonix collaborates with the world's finest specialized companies, combining the best technology in the world to create an unprecedented, and otherwise impossible, product line. As their name implies, these systems bring out natural sound in an almost miraculous way.