Room Tuning Devices

A revolution in the concept of sound reproduction, Harmonix room tuning devices focus on the importance of tuning the room. Harmonix RFA-7800 room tuning devices eliminate boomy bass, separates and delineates the acoustic space of each recorded instrument and singer in space, thus recreating the unique quality of the original performance. Following the simple guidelines provided, attach these devices to the walls, floors and ceilings of your listening room. The effect is almost like entering the concert hall where the recording was made! When used in conjunction with other Harmonix accessories, the listening experience can be elevated to unprecedented new levels of clarity and power. (See here for further details: Room Tuning Application Guide)

RFA-7800 IMP  

Treatment for room acoustics
・ Color : White,Wooden Color
・ 25mm (dia) x 4mm (thick)
・ Set of 18 disks



Room Tuning Mini Disk is also available.
The size is smaller than a dime but incredible effects.
・ Available in White, Brown or Gray in color
・ Size : 10mm (dia) x 2mm (thick)
・ Set of 18 disks