Absolutely fantastic!

Harmonix RFA-7800 Room Tuning Disc is unlike any other room acoustic products. RFA-7800 is not absorbing or diffusing materials but resonance control device.

Ever since I imported RFA-7800 3 years ago, it catch and fascinate me with totally new experiences. So far up to now, I have installed RFA-7800 in quite many audio and non-audio rooms, each time I was enchanted by astonishingly and shockingly better music reproduction and room acoustic improvement that I have never ever experienced before. The music becomes subtle, much musical and transparent with rich details. In addition, the listening room, regardless of size, will become a full scale concert hall as live performance when it comes to class orchestras! It’s really amazing!

In my room acoustic tuning experiences, in most of room situations you do not really need any absorbing and diffusing materials as they are only deadening acoustic environment.

The RFA-7800 is a truly MANDANTORY to make out audio room the way that the live performance sounds. The room tuning potentials, effect and improvement are huge then you would ever expect or imagine.

Absolutely recommend!

Ed Doggen

DALUSOSound and Room Acoustic Concepts.

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