Studio Master Power Cord
X-DC350M2R Pre-View

“Approximately about five years ago I went through a massive auditioning of over twelve very highly regarded power cords ranging in price from $800.00 to over $3500.00 a piece. The clear "winner" in overall musicality, transparency, macro-dynamics and 3D imaging was the X-DC Studio Master 350 power cord. It took Mr. Kiuchi a few years to figure out how to improve the sonic performance of his first generation 350 cord, but indeed he has. I just got through with my auditioning of his new X-DC350M2R improved-version in my reference system and this new power cord does everything better then the first generation 350 plus adds more micro-details, liquidity, and a natural flow to the sound of my system. I also find it quite commendable that with the increase in price of materials and the amount of research that went into the X-DC350M2R improved-version power cord that their is only a very slight increase in price over the first generation cord.
Congrats to Mr. Kiushi on his new and wonderful creation!”

A pre-view on X-DC350M2R by Terry London of Hometheater.com