REIMYO perfect sound system

The essence of Harmonix is that the sound source that is played back through the audio system can be reproduced with the ultimate sound using the Balance control technology. The Balance control technology is perfectly constructed by us.

Among his masterpieces we have 1000 million (Thunder God) Tuning feet, TU-210ZX million (WindGod) tuning spike, and TB-0917 Music Platform. Nothing is a product group that represents Harmonix.

The above audio system is Reimyo, which we produce for years. As you can see, this system also uses various harmonix Balance control techniques. What we want you to pay attention to in this system is the TB-0917 Music platform and the new RF-808Z Million lately introduced.

Anyone who listens to the music played by this system will be amazed by the wonderful playback sound. The tone will give you the illusion that you are about listening to live music.

Kazuo Kiuchi