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Reimyo listening room

Unforgettable experience of soul touching melody offered by Billion Music at Shen-Keng Listening Room!

In response to an invitation from Billion Music, I went to the Reimyo Stereo Listening Room located in Shen-Keng Township at the beginning of March to test out the whole series of stereo products made by Kazuo Kiuchi, a tuning master from Japan. It was a rare experience since I had previously known that Harmonix, Reimyo, and Bravo are all products of Kiuchi’s Combak Company, but I have never had the opportunity to try any of the products.

The listening room for Billion Music in Shen-Keng is a quiet musical space with the same environment of general residence and free of interference. The stereo room does not have any special decor, but all the sound processes have followed the concepts of Kazuo Kiuchi. Furthermore, the cable material and stereo stands are all works done by the master.

The atmosphere provided in this room for listening music is excellent. There is no complaining or comparisons of stereos but only pure thought that takes music at its core. The room is filled with a genuine, natural, and rich realization of musical notes, which provides a smooth, pleasant, and non-exaggerated effect. As long as the audience listens at a normal volume, the features of the music and physical form of the musical instruments can be perceived clearly whether the music is vocal, instrumental, jazz, or orchestral. Moreover, the figure of a singer is as fresh as if the performance was live, which is the top level of musical expression.

Although the words “The stereo is only a path and music is the final goal” sound familiar, only a few ever put them into true practice. From listening to the Kazuo Kiuchi system, I have discovered that the products integrate with the spirit of these words. After this amazing experience, I have taken the time to write down my feelings and reflections; I hope that music lovers can visit the listening room and feel the philosophy of music listening from the master.

HI-FI & HI-VI MONTHLY Jerry Poo March 13, 2007