High-End Show


Warm and Rich • Excellent and Cost-efficient

Warren Quality Systems had the opportunity to attend the HiFi show in Warsaw, Poland. The show was on the 8th thru 10th of November, 2008.

I Virgil Warren was there to assist Moje Audio, the Distributor for Harmonix, Reimyo and Bravo in Poland.

I am pleased to report that the Warsaw show was a very successful for Moje Audio.

The top Harmonix cables are even used by JVC for manufacturing XRCD.

I am also pleased to report that the sound of Reimyo / Harmonix system was simply outstanding. The customers were all amazed and shocked by the excellent sound quality of the systems delivered. Every demonstration the Reimyo room was full. The audience was fascinated by the systems of CD sound from the Reimyo combo (CDT-777 and DAP-999EX).

The customers and Press stated that this is the best combo available in the world. The sound was musical, dynamic, emotional and very life like; unmatched by any other systems at the show. They were equally Impressed from the bass extension, rich midrange, openness and lively music the Bravo speaker delivered into the room; and even more shocked by performance of the PAT-777 (300B) which delivered a unique elegance; the midrange was silky, sweet and very rich, great depth of sound stage and very good bass extension.

We have also included some photos which were taken of the room and system during the show. We hope you enjoy them and are looking forward to assisting you in the future that you may also be a proud owner of a Reimyo system and to assist you and offer our professional guideness to fully optimize your existing system whether it is Audio or Home Theater.

Best Regards

Virgil Warren