HIJIRI H-SLC Million Speaker cable

Sophisticated Listener's Choice

“Million” is a mark symbolizing the BEST OF ALL product we make and we introduce a series of Harmonix and Hijiri of “Million” products with great success. Albeit substantially satisfied with the performance of Harmonix HS-SLC, serious “Million” lovers seek without stopping for “Million” for HS-SLC speaker cable. It is here to answer.
New 聖Hijiri H-SLC speaker cable is designed in use its time-honored tradition, of best tuning technology and materials available. It is handcrafted by maestro one by one to get optimum performance. Unparalleled and unprecedented sound quality includes perfect tonal balance, sound image contour, dynamic impact addition to the delicate musical nuances formerly imperceptible. Hijiri H-SLC deliver it all clearly and natural you have never ever experienced before.

H-SLC Million Speaker cable
Tuning principle: Smooth power conductance and wide band balances.
Wire material : Custom design and special made Copper
Terminals : PCOCC purest copper
Available sizes : 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m
Longer size is also available to order
Note: Break-in time: longer time, more musical sound H-SLC can deliver.

H-SLC Million Speaker cable

High Fidelity Award
Best Product of 2018

Award & Review!

•Review! by High Fidelity (May/2018)
聖HIJIRI H-SLC "Million"
(in Polish , in English)

HIJIRI HCS Speaker cable

High performance to cost

Introducing unparalleled high performance to cost speaker cable in class.
New Hijiri HCS has been designed for those music lovers who keenly care of quality sound but affordable budget. New Hijiri HCS is performing nobly poised both musicality and realism of art of music.
As important a coupling of technology and materials, Hijiri HCS speaker cable is assembled in use of own custom designed and made of purest PCOCC copper and insulation materials, and it is all handcrafted piece by piece in seeking for the most natural sound reproduction without any fuzz and sound deterioration.
Unmeasurable efforts in engineering makes Hijiri HCS unparalleled performance to cost cable. In fact, there is no such speaker cable in this class that can match for high resolution, richly toned with micro details,
Hijiri HCS brings out the high quality sound in perfect manner and graceful music accompaniment one can appreciate the original sound reproduction retrieval.

HIJIRI HCS Speaker cable
Terminal: High purity PCOCC Copper. Dual Gold and Rhodium plated
Sizes: 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m

HIJIRI HCS Speaker cable

Award statement 2018
Red Fingerprint Award of 2018
High Fidelity, Poland

5-Star & Editor's Choice
Audio Video
Sep 2019

Award & Review!

•Review! by HiFi Choice (May/2018)
(in Polish)

•Review! by High Fidelity (June/2018)
(in Polish , in English)

•Review! by HiFi Philosophy (Dec/2018)
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•Review! by HiFi i Muzyka (Mar/2019)
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•Award! by Audio Video (Sep/2019)
HCS-25 5-Star & Editor's Choice

Banana terminal is also available