Four Simple Tuning Steps to Perfect Sound!

There is a world of untapped potential latent within your current audio and video systems. Harmonix has everything you need to maximize this potential and achieve near perfect audio (and video) reproduction. Here are four simple tuning steps to improved total sound performance.

Step 1 Place tuning feet under key components.

First of all, begin by placing tuning feet under speaker systems and or power amplifier to help them achieve their full potential. Then, go to place tuning feet under control amplifiers, D/A converters and CD players to significantly improve the overall sound of the system.

Step 2 Use tuning cables throughout your system.

To achieve purer, more natural and organic sound, your speaker and connecting cords and cables should have no influence on the audio signals that pass through them. For best results, use Harmonix tuning cords and cables throughout your system. Also use cable support Alpha-1 under cords and cables for further improvement. Harmonix cords, cables and Alpha-1 help bring out the potential of your system furthermore that you didnft even know was there.

Step 3 Be sure to tune your listening room.

Your listening room needs to be treated to equal level of the natural acoustic environment of the original music was recorded. Harmonix room tuning discs, hailed in the industry as a g revolutionary development g create ideal sound room acoustics. The improvement is astonishing these devices create cannot be overstated.

Step 4 Apply tuning bases and Enacom for further sound improvement.

By positioning tuning bases (RF-5700) on Tone Arm (Analog) speaker drivers, crossover etc, you can further bring out the potential of individual components used in the system Also Enacom such as AC line Enacom, Speaker Enacom and Signal line Enacom help signal pass and power supply more smooth and clean.

.......... And always take enough break-In time. Longer is better sound the system can produce. Enjoy phenomenon in sound!