"THE BASE" TB-0917
New Music Platform

The ultimate music reproduction

Although it is limited manufacturing, we design“THE BASE” TB-0917 specifically to use for power amplifier and speaker systems it should be directly under power amplifier and speaker systems as tuning insulators.
It immediately begin to enjoy more natural, dynamic, richness of sound that you can only experience at alive performance. Using such as RF-808Z Million and RF-999M Million, it will give furthermore better sound enhancement you can get.

Harmonix tuning device is fascinate and dependable product available only from COMBAK Corporation in Japan. It make your system perfectly balance and enables music reproduction to be unthinkably involving and lifelike.
Power amplifier or speakers placed on “THE BASE” TB-0917 start driving effortlessly better and bring out the potential of amplifier or speakers the way designer literally intent. Transients become crispy, instruments are better delineated, dynamic are more impact, vocals are sweeter. The overall results exquisiteness.
Auditioning the sound improvement of power amplifier and speakers treated “THE BASE” TB-0917 that you have dreamed for years.

Product specification

Size140mm(W) x 34mm( thick)
ColorDeep wooden color/Glossy Black metal
Weight permissionunlimited
Note“The BASE” TB-0917 is suggested to use such as RF-808Z Million or RF-999M Million to further better tuning effect.
User's report

TU-333EX Tuning Insulator

Use the TU-333EX Tuning Insulator as a pedestal for your audio system for any device. The floor on which the system is installed is often a thick carpet or veneer of MDF. These can cause sound quality degradation.
The TU-333EX, created with Resonance control technology, is a tuning insulator that brings out the potential of the system to the highest performance.
TU-333EX can bring great energy to music. Furthermore, the information density increases and the expression becomes richer. Vocals are very persuasive and convincing, maximizing artist character. Playing a wind instrument expresses a rich overtone and a three-dimensional soundstage feeling full of presence.
The TU-333EX can be expected to achieve even higher effects when used with the RF-808Z, TU-606Z, RF-999M, RF-999MTmk2 and RF-909Xmk2.

Product specification:
Transforming and balancing resonance
MaterialsSelected wood/metal base.
Sizet21.0mm(H) x 75.0mm(Φ)
ColorWood ( Hybrid metal and wood)
Weight allowancesome hundreds kgs
Set of 4 pcs