ETHOS presents dedicated event

In December 2014 from 13 to 14 for two days, Ethos had presented a dedicated event in collaborated with Fone Records, Italy. The event had been taken placed at our show room in Roma timeously in Holy season. Giulio Cesare Ricci of Fone Records demonstrated his latest albums using Harmonix/ Reimyo systems we represent.

Mr. Ricci is very fund of Harmonix/Reimyo systems, and he always say that no other systems can get him involved so much as the sound of system is very natural and sound as the way his albums are produced. During the event, famous Italian Jazz Singer Eleonora Bianchini was also visiting this event and stay and listen to the systems for hours. She was shockingly surprised with the sound quality and drivability of “ENCORE” speaker, and such a small size speaker can reproduces so musical and emotional, and her voice so natural in rich harmony and ambience recorded.

The event was a small but due to ideal timing in December, about 500 visitors to include serious music lovers, audiophile who loves in Harmonix/Reimyo and medias had visited. We were very happy that every one of visitors look comfortably enjoying and very pleasant time spent with us. You may see more show details released from local magazine and website for your interests. Reported by Silvano Del Basso

Harmonix/Reimyo system in Ethos show room.
Picture in show sight.
From left:
Rossella Puccini of Ethos,
Silvano Del Basso of Ethos,
Eleonora Bianchini,Italian Jazz Singer,
Giulio Cesare Ricci, Conducter and producer of Fone Records. Paola, wife of Mr. Ricci