Warsaw Audio show 2012, November 10-11, Poland

A case is extremely simple-Annsi designs and sells a column for normal people, and it is not necessarily contaminated audiophiles. People who want to associate with the music of the highest quality, but without the sacrifices of their living space rearrangement, Without columns standing in the doorway, balcony doors, or in he middle of the room. Just after extraction columns are placed where there is a room and they have to play, indeed have to play well. Amphiony do and the Audio Show you could find that out is room 216. Moje Audio/ Harmony of Sound, which is representative of Poland and Warsaw Reimyo equipment dealer / Harmonix presented what they had best. Reimyo complete systems, consisting of a shared player CDT-777, DAP-999EX, Pre-CAT-777MK2, and power amplifier KAP-777 is set on the rack Harmonix Royal Stage RS-15ANV. Harmonix and pre-wired cables ( power cord is all Harmonix X-DC350M2R). They drove Harmonix Bravo-Consequence speaker system.

System fell writes me anything weird, because almost every year, you can experiment in which superlatives uttered in relating the previous exhibition. So too was this time. Visitors come here not only to listen to great music but just relax in a casual atmosphere. It's probably the best recommendation.

Marcin Olszewski
Editor in-Chief

Klub Audiostereo