Gran Galà Roma 2013

The most important Gran Galà Show was taken place in Roma from 2 and 3 February, 2013, and at Sheraton Golf Hotel which is the best Hotel and location in Roma. The Gran Galà Show in Roma as previous show in Padova was exclusive for a pure 2-channel high end audio that very serious music lovers were excitingly waited for.

Ethos, Italian distributor, was participated into this show for the first time with all Reimyo electronics such as KAP-777, CAT-777MKII, CDT-777 and DAP-999EX, and Bravo- special speakers on Dinosaur speaker stand, suiting by all Harmonix cables and feet.

As was the case in Gran Galà Show in Padova in last November, Reimyo systems had impressed every visitors and press from various magazines came to Ethos room not only but Mr. Giulio Cesare Ricci, famous conductor and music producer of Fone Records, and famous Italian musician M゚Enzo Pietropaoli and his group for the sound reproduced by Reimyo systems that reminiscent of a live musical event.

Owner of Ethos, Silvano Del Basso and his wife Rossela was congratulated by the show organizer presenting only one prize in the show, for the best performance of show.