Award 2016
Image HiFi, Germany

X-DC Studio Master “Million” Maestro was again given Award 2016!

X-DC Studio Master “Million” have widely been recognized and admired by many audio specialists and serious music lovers as the BEST power cord ever marketed.
In addition to GOLD FINGERPRINT Award 2015 presented by High Fidelity in Poland, to X-DC SM “Million only in the world for significant success, Award 2016 was hand over to us by the prestigious Audio Magazine: Image HiFi at their annual Award Ceremony in Munich May 6, 2016
These celebrity and valued Awards given is to represent our timeless effort in research and studies using our own technical orient, spirit and soul in music devoting for art of music. This is a part of our Mission to serve for serious music lovers around the Globe.
If you interest in the test reviews on X-DC “Million”, clink respective reviewposted on web.

Award 2016

X-DC Studio Master Million Maestro Series