The Science of Beautiful Sound and Picture.

Almost four decades ago, Harmonix engineers set out to faithfully reproduce the true sound of music captured in professionally recorded music. To understand how beautiful sound is produced in the first place, they conducted resonance tests on Stradivarius, Guarneri and Amati vionlins. They discovered that when resonance is harmonized in one frequency, every aspect of the sound is precisely conveyed as it emanates from the instrument. They also found that resonance in a violin is perfectly balanced in one frequency, which is why there is no distortion.

Harmonix applied this new knowledge to develop entirely a new way of tuning audio, visual equipments including listening rooms that treats resonance as an essential element of sound. When Harmonix is applied, you can eliminate unwanted resonance frequencies to achieve incredibly pure and natural, distortion-free reproduction for a new level of sonic realism.

A sweet, exquisite sound with crisp transients, a clearly delineated sound stage, rich harmony, deeper dynamics, better contrast for sound and colors c.. in fact, everything that constitutes beautiful sound and colors as lifelike. Now there is an easy way to eliminate problems you have ever encountered with your systems. Just give your system the Harmonix. Itfs the only choice if you are serious about music and sound.