New CD Tuning Sheet RF-1100

Soft, clear-plastic film attaches to your CDs(adhesive-free). Removes harmful resonance, jitter and ripples caused by airborne vibration from the spinning disc. Treated CDs gain in clarity, ambience and sweetness. Used with DVDs, the sheet will also assure improved color separation, profoundly revived contrast, and greater detail.

This device opens up a new degree in CD listening entertainment. RF-1100 CD tuning sheet made by our own tradition and breakthrough Harmonix tuning technology optimize the potential of CD. You can experience a new level of CD listening enjoyment.

The music reproduction becomes sweet and pure, free of hardness often associated with CD playback sound. The effect on sound quality is easily noticeable: extraordinary clarity, lifelike, greater delineation of individual instruments and voices and expanded sound stage presentation and more.

・ Set of 8 sheets. 0.18mm thick film.